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2007/2008 Competition
Call for Entries

Have you or your company produced technical communication products that you think are worthy of awards? Would you like your work to be recognized by your peers? This call for entries is your invitation to participate in the following Society for Technical Communication (STC) competitions:

  • Online Communication Competition
  • Technical Art Competition
  • Technical Publications Competition

Who is eligible?

Anyone is eligible to submit entries. You do not have to be a member of STC. You may enter work as an individual or on behalf of a colleague or subordinate.

What can be entered?

Entries in all categories must contain sufficient technical, scientific, medical, or similar content to qualify as technical communication. Entries must have been produced or substantially revised within 24 months preceding September 1 of the current year. Entries must have been originally prepared for and accepted for publication by a client, employer, or publisher. Entries are subject to all restrictions listed in the document titled “General Information and Competition Rules."

How are the competitions structured?

STC's competitions recognize and encourage excellence in online communication, technical art, and technical publications. STC offers two levels of competition:

  • Local and regional competitions
  • The international competitions

Local and regional competitions are the first level of competition. A local competition is one held by a single chapter. A regional competition is one held by two or more chapters, usually in the same STC region.

The international competitions—the international online communication competition (IOCC), the international technical art competition (ITAC), and the international technical publications competition (ITPC)—are the second and final level of competition. Winners of the Distinguished Technical Communication award in each category of each local and regional competition are automatically submitted to the appropriate international competition. After you enter the local competition, no further action is required.

What awards are given?

At the local and regional level, three levels of recognition are awarded in each competition category. These awards, in descending order, are:

  • Distinguished Technical Communication (DTC)
  • Excellence
  • Merit

One Best of Show award is presented for each competition. Winners of the DTC and Best of Show award in each category qualify for automatic submission to STC's international competitions.

At the international level, the awards structure is the same as at the local and regional level.

Deadlines, Fees, and Where to Submit

The deadlines for the STCEO chapter competitions are as follows:

  • Online Communication: October 26, 2007
  • Technical Art: October 26, 2007
  • Technical Publications: October 26, 2007

Fees for each entry are $70.00 (member) and $100 (non-member). If a product is entered into more than one competition, the fee must be paid for each entry.

Entries should be made to:

Rick Lorenz, (613) 271-0705
TalkSwitch, 1545 Carling Ave, Suite 510
Ottawa, ON K1Z 8P9



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September 27, 2007