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Open Directory Project home page identifies a link to the ODP category for the indicated topic. (The Open Directory Project, owned by AOL, is a volunteer-run, human-edited directory whose data is used on a number of other sites, including Google's directory.)

identifies resources that are personal favourites of our Webmaster

STC Click here to view the Society for Technical Communication category at the Open Directory Project

  • International Headquarters - Includes history, information about competitions and conferences, member directory, job listings, and related material. Some content requires a membership login.
    • Membership information - Offers information about the various membership levels.
    • Renewal page - Allows current members to renew their memberships online.
    • Intercom Online - Offers a browseable archive of PDF versions of magazine issues from January 2005. Also offers a searchable archive of earlier issues.
  • Webmaster's Pick STC Member Forum - Readable by everyone but membership is only open to STC members.
  • STCWiki - Currently contains data about all chapters and SIGs and the start of a technical writing glossary.
  • chapter search - Searchable database of all current STC chapters worldwide
  • Other STC Chapters near Ottawa: Toronto STC | Montreal STC | Southwestern Ontario STC

Related Organizations

Technical Writing Click here to view the Technical Writing category at the Open Directory Project

General Resources


Grammar and Language Blogs


STC Blogs

Technical Writing Blogs



Grammar & Style

  • <coming soon>


  • EEI Press - Publishers of The Editorial Eye, a newsletter for editors. They also publish a number of reference books for editors, including: "The Copyeditor's Guide to Substance & Style", "The Great Grammar Challenge", "Mark My Words", and "Stet Again!".
  • The Slot - Blog, books, and articles from Bill Walsh, national desk copy chief for the Washington Post and author of the books " Lapsing Into a Comma" and "The Elephants of Style".
  • Editors' Association of Canada
  • American Copy Editors Society

Online Help

  • <coming soon>


  • <coming soon>


Documentation/Help Authoring Tools

  • HAT Matrix - Char James-Tanney's database of help authoring tools, trainers, and consultants. Includes program details, reviews, company information, and tool comparison. Note: It only includes vendors who have paid to be included.
  • Webmaster's Pick Help Authoring Tips and Tricks (HATT) Yahoo Group - Discussion mailing list for online help authors.

Author-it (Author-it Software Corporation)

  • Author-it - New Zealand-based company. Offers a trial version of their Windows-based program as well as trial access to their Web-based version. Costs anywhere from $2,000 to $150,000, depending on size of company/team.
  • Author-it Yahoo Group - Official discussion group.

Doc-to-Help (ComponentOne)

  • ComponentOne: Doc-to-Help - Includes forums as well as articles, datasheets and other supporting documentation. Free trial version. Costs $900 ($500 for upgrade).

FAR HTML (The Helpware Group)

  • FAR HTML - FAR HTML is a collection of file and HTML Help tools for writers. Shareware: two-month fully functioning trial version available for download. Site includes download, newsletter, and blog.
  • FAR Yahoo Group - Discussions about FAR HTML.

Flare (MadCap Software)

FrameMaker (Adobe) Click here to view the Framemaker category at the Open Directory Project

  • Adobe: FrameMaker - Includes overview, features, guides, and trial version.
  • - Online user group and reference site. Includes news and mailing list.
  • FrameMaker Tutorials - Collection of tutorials for FrameMaker 7, 6, and 5.5.6 as well as links to related sites.
  • Mendem Concord: Tutorials - Small collection of FrameMaker tutorials from technical writing consulting company.
  • Carmen Publishing - Offers plugins, scripts, and FrameScript tutorials.
  • FrameMaker Tips - Offers tips to make FrameMaker easier to use.
  • Free Framers - Community offering a mailing list, collaborative wiki, and archive of the old InFrame magazine site. Bit out-of-date but the archives are useful.
  • Wikipedia: FrameMaker - History of the software.

Help & Manual (EC Software)

HelpServer (4.ST)

  • 4.ST: HelpServer - Offers an overview, feature summary, FAQs, user guide, and downloadable and CD evaluation versions.

HelpStudio (Innovasys)

  • Innovasys: HelpStudio - Offers an overview, feature summary, knowledge base, and downloadable evaluation version.

HyperText Studio (Olson Software)

Windows Help (Microsoft)

RoboHelp (Adobe)

XMetaL (JustSystems)

  • Justsystems: XMetaL - Includes technical information, demos, and downloadable 30-day trial versions.

Image Manipulation Tools

Capture (MadCap)

PaintShop Pro (Corel) Click here to view the Paint Shop Pro category at the Open Directory Project

  • <coming soon>

Photoshop (Adobe) Click here to view the Photoshop category at the Open Directory Project

  • <coming soon>

Snag-it (Techsmith)

  • <coming soon>

TNT Screen Capture (EC Software)

Tutorial/Video Creation Tools

Captivate (Adobe)

Camtasia Studio (Techsmith)

  • <coming soon>

Mimic (MadCap)

Other Tools

Dreamweaver (Adobe) Click here to view the Dreamweaver category at the Open Directory Project

  • <coming soon>

<additional links coming soon>


Web Development Links

  • <coming soon>



Job Searching

General Resources, Other Lists of Links

  • BairdBenefitsPlus - Group insurance program offered exclusively to Canadian STC members through G.R.Baird Financial Group Inc. Go to the site below, click on Login and apply for access. -

Ottawa Links

  • <coming soon>


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April 13, 2008